Martin Kaptein

Martin Kaptein.

Collection of writings on Taoism

(Work in progress and page is continually being updated)

On this page you can find a collection of writings on Taoism / Daoism in different languages for personal use.


Lao-Tzu, Tao te Ching:

Online version (external), translation by Gia Fu Feng.

PDF Version download, translation by Paul J. Lin.

The secret of the Golden Flower, a Chinese Book of Life, translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm, with a commentary by C.G. Jung, translated from German into English by Cary F.Baynes:

Download PDF (Secret of golden flower)

German / Deutsch

Richard Wilhelm, Laotse, Tao Te King (1911):

Webseite (extern)

PDF runterladen (Tao)

Richard Wilhelm (mit einem Kommentar von C.G. Jung), Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte (Das Buch von Bewusstsein und Leben):

PDF runterladen (Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte)

I Ging, Das Buch der Wandlungen (Erstes und Zweites Buch), Richard Wilhelm:

PDF runterladen (I Ging)

Russian / Русский

Лао‑цзы. Книга о Пути жизни (Дао‑Дэ цзин), перевод Малявина:

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Dutch / Nederlands

Tau-Te-Tsjing, het boek van weg en deugd, uit het Chinees vertaald en toegelicht door DR J.J.L. Duyvendak:

PDF versie (scan) downloaden en bekijken

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