Martin Kaptein.

Martin Kaptein


Conversations in German, Russian, English or Dutch

Conversations are the perfect way to boost your language fluency in a natural way. I offer friendly conversations in either German, Russian, English or Dutch, about a wide variety of topics. We can talk about Science, Art or even just about the meaning of life.

People pay thousands of dollars to learn a language. It’s easy to become intimidated by the complex grammar of a language and easy to give up. Usually this is because there is not enough actual conversational training. I offer conversations in above mentioned languages about any topic imaginable.

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What I offer

  • Online conversations about any topics in German, Russian, Dutch or English.
  • Connections between languages, to understand even complex concepts intuitively, and memorize naturally.
  • Intuitive explanation of phraseology.
  • Practical grammar drills and exercising.
  • Flexible timing (16/7) and planning for worldwide (online) audience.
  • Language support via WhatsApp/Chat/Phone Call - if you have a question suddenly you can always contact me.

Flexible options for payment: Payment by any means, per session or in advance.

I don’t

  • I don’t teach grammar the formal way.
  • I don’t use a particular method or book.
  • I don’t teach a language from the ground up.

It is helpful if you already have a small basis in a language. My services are explicitly meant to build fluency.

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About me

My name is Martin and I come from a professional music background (masters degree in classical piano). I have a lot of different interests, ranging from philosophy, literature, music and art, over languages and philosophy to Science and IT. Of course I also have a lot of experience in languages and have supporting certifications as well. I am always learning and want to help people do the same.

At this point I am also learning languages: Chinese (Mandarin) and Italian.