Martin Kaptein.

Martin Kaptein

Classical piano lessons in the region of Den Bosch, Vught and Tilburg

Piano lessons in the region of Den Bosch, Vught and Tilburg

Piano lessons (classical music) at home in the regions of Den Bosch, Tilburg and Vught in the Netherlands - for all ages and skill levels. In the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Russian

My name is Martin Kaptein, and I am a master student for piano, classical music at the conservatory in Tilburg. Currently, I am studying with professor Vitaly Samoshko (see this page for more info). I have a lot of practical experience in the performance of classical music as well as teaching, across all age categories, starting from kids to adults.

Piano lessons with Martin Kaptein

Piano lessons with Martin Kaptein

When it comes to my piano lessons I am very flexible: My piano lessons are suitable for beginners - someone who has never touched a piano before - over students, who would like to apply for a conservatory, or a different education in music, until adults, who can be too beginners, amateurs or professionals.

The philosophy of my piano lessons is to work primarily on the individuality of the personality of the performer, and to work with interesting and engaging musical pieces on artistic, musical and technical traits. The music always comes first!

For every hour of lessons I am asking 40 EUR (or equivalent in USD, for BTC (Bitcoin) there is a hefty discount), if the lesson takes place at your place. If you opt to come to my place (I live in the city of Vught), the lesson would cost EUR 28 per hour. It is possible to make arrangements for shorter lessons.

The first trial lesson is always free of charge!

You can contact me by mail ( Or see my contact page for more contact sources.