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Remove default pre-installed bloatware apps and from KaiOS on a Nokia 8110 4G
Extracting apps from KaiOS using ADB
KeePass and TOTP Authenticator for KaiOS on the Nokia 8110
Converting and Porting Web apps to KaiOS
Side-loading and deploying custom apps to KaiOS
How to mod a FM radio to receive airband frequencies
How to unlock the Google Pixel bootloader and flash a custom rom with root
Wireless cross platform file transfer
Analysing a Quote
My Opinion about modular phones
The 10 reasons of why I consider the Casio F-91W to be the best watch in the world
Using machine learning to predict integers from a training set
An introduction to Browser Automation - Programming a form sender bot in Python using Selenium
Playing around with ADB
Analysing iPhone network traffic communication with Burp suite
Old Technology vs New Technology - Casio F-91W vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Ubuntu Touch on the LG Nexus 4 in 2018 - the painful installation and review
WebOS reincarnated on LG Nexus 4 as LuneOS
Installing Firefox OS on Google Nexus 4
Installing Sailfish OS on Google Nexus 4
Using a Nexus 4 in 2018
When computers see dreams - the essence of dreams
Reharmonisation of a tune, using non-functional harmony
Exploring Google DeepDream and getting nice images
Using Hugo with Travis CI on GitHub Pages
PythonCMS - A static blog and site generator
F. Liszt b minor sonata analysis

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